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SEO Copilot is a tool that helps you generate an Image Sitemap for your website. An Image Sitemap is a file that lists all the images on your website. It helps search engines like Google and Bing discover and index all the images on your website.

Search engines like Google and Bing use Image Sitemaps to discover and index all the images on your website. If you want your images to show up in Google Image Search and Bing Image Search it helps to create an Image Sitemap.

There are other solutions to generate image sitemaps. We do not generate non-sense titles though. We generate image captions that make sense given the content of your page. For example, if you show a man with a magnifying glass on the page 'www.yourwebsite.com/how-to-find-the-best-cleaner' we will generate the caption 'How to find the best cleaner' and NOT 'Man with magnifying glass'. This is important because you want to rank for 'How to find the best cleaner'.

Log In, Enter your website URL in the box above and click the 'Generate Image Sitemap' button. We will scan your website and generate an Image Sitemap for you.

It takes a few seconds to generate an Image Sitemap for your website. If you have a large website with thousands of images it might take a few minutes.

You can scan unlimited pages.

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