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We help you to grow your business.

We assess your business and niche and find which marketing channel will work best for you.
While we specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we are well-versed in Paid Ads (both Google and Meta). We find and scale the right channel for your business.

Head of SEO

Skyrocket your website visitors

A testimonial from a happy customer
'We are very, very happy with the results.
We have never seen this amount of organic growth before.'
A testimonial from a happy customer
'Our investment in SEO has paid off.'
A testimonial from a happy customer
'Ok, this is crazy. Thank you for changing my life. For next year, I have closed 300% more deals than this year.'
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I have seen immediate results working with the team. My daily clicks and impressions have tripped in 3 months. My revenue has doubled in the same time. I am very happy that I chose to work with them and I am continuing to do so.
Annabel Law
CEO of ALPS Creation Pte. Ltd.
“Our monthly leads trippled and I have sales calls every day now.”
Annabel Law, CEO at ALPS Creation Pte. Ltd.

Case Study

Trippled Revenue in 3 months with local SEO

For the client, we fixed the Core Web Vitals, optimised internal linking and removed no-click pages. We website now attracts many more visitors who are ready to buy.

After a in-depth website audit, we identified third-party scripts that were slowing down the website. We removed most of them and we uninstalled unnecesary plugins. Next, we found all no-click pages and we are now preventing them from being indexed (this helps search engines to focus on the important pages).

We have further optimised all internal linking opportunities. The website is now organised in content clusters and search engines see it as an authority in the industry.


We have worked with 400 clients from 20 different industries.

400 clients

Users on our app

We have worked with 400 clients from 20 different industries.

2,500 domains

Clients trust us with their domains.

We ensure daily indexing of all pages and advise which pages to prune.

30 Million clicks

Lifetime clicks

We have generated 30 million clicks for our clients.

“We have worked with SEO Copilot on implementing programmatic SEO and link building. Our organic traffic grew from 0 to 100,000 visitors in 3 months. We are very happy with the results.”
Chris Lee
CEO & Co-Founder
“Focusing on SEO is one of our main strategies for @podsqueeze_app and I have to be honest we were struggling... We decided to hire SEO Copilot to give us an audit and tell us what to do 🙏 It was not cheap but so far it seems that the investment is paying off.”
CEO & Co-founder

Some of the brands we worked with

We have driven revenue for the following brands. Project scope included Local SEO, Programmatic SEO, Paid Marketing and Technical SEO.

Curious? Lets chat!
We will give you a free audit.
Frequently asked questions

We are an SEO agency focused on on-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on opimising your website speed, your website structure, your internal links and removing dead pages. On-Page SEO is also free. As an On-Page SEO agency, we do NOT ask you to spend money on expensive linkbuilding or ask you to write more blog posts. There's often huge potential in optimising your website first.

If you want to grow your business or save money on Ads, SEO may be the right solution for you. SEO is a long-term strategy and it takes 3-6 months to see results. But once you start ranking, you will get free traffic for years to come.

In the first week, we will give you a full website audit and discuss the results with you. If you agree with our suggestions, we will implement them. We give you an update every 2 weeks on our progress and we have a review after 3 months.

Just contact us. We will do a free website audit first and evaluate if we are a good fit.

You should be able to see good results after 3 months. After 3 months, you can decide if you want to continue with us or not. There's more to be done than just on-page SEO.

This depends on your goals and the amount of work that needs to be done. Our lowest monthly tier starts at $2,000. We have a minimum contract period of three months because SEO takes time and we might need to monitor and adjust our work after 6 weeks. After that, you can decide if you want to continue with us or not.

Should you not be happy with the results, we will work 1 more month for you for free to address all issues.