Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Issue in Google Search Console | How To Solve Indexing Issues

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Understanding Google's "Currently Not Indexed" Issue: A Comprehensive Guide


This blog post is a comprehensive guide to understanding Google's "Currently Not Indexed" issue. It provides a detailed explanation of the problem, its causes, and potential solutions. The post is based on a video transcript from a renowned SEO expert who shares his insights on the topic. The expert discusses the process of Google's indexing, the reasons why a page might not be indexed, and how to resolve the issue. The post is a must-read for anyone who owns a website, blog, or online business and wants to ensure their content is discoverable by Google.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the process of Google's indexing
  • Identifying the reasons why a page might not be indexed
  • Learning how to resolve the "Currently Not Indexed" issue

Table of Contents

Understanding Google's Indexing

The process of Google's indexing involves several steps. First, Google discovers a URL, which could be from a link on another website or a sitemap. Next, Google's search engine bot crawls the page to understand its content. Finally, the page is indexed, meaning it is saved in Google's database and can be displayed in search results. However, sometimes a page might not be indexed, leading to the "Currently Not Indexed" issue.

Reasons Why a Page Might Not Be Indexed

There could be several reasons why a page is not indexed by Google. One possibility is that the page has too much content, causing Google's bot to struggle with crawling it. Another reason could be that the page is not mobile-friendly, which is a crucial factor for Google's indexing. Additionally, the page might not be indexed if it does not have a canonical tag, which tells Google which version of a page to index.

Resolving the "Currently Not Indexed" Issue

To resolve the "Currently Not Indexed" , it is important to ensure that the page is mobile-friendly and has a canonical tag. Additionally, the page should not have too much content that could overwhelm Google's bot. If the issue persists, it might be necessary to use Google's friendly tool to identify and fix any problems.

Using Google's Friendly Tool

Google's friendly tool is a useful resource for resolving the "Currently Not Indexed" . The tool can test a page to see if it is mobile-friendly and identify any issues that might be preventing it from being indexed. By using this tool, website owners can ensure their pages are optimized for Google's indexing process.


Understanding Google's "Currently Not Indexed" is crucial for anyone who wants their website to be discoverable by Google. By understanding the process of Google's indexing and the reasons why a page might not be indexed, website owners can take steps to resolve the and ensure their content is visible in Google's search results. Using tools like Google's friendly tool can also be helpful in identifying and fixing any issues.

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