How to Fix 404 Error in Google Search Console | How to Solve Not Found (404) issue in Search Console

How to Fix 404 Error in Google Search Console | How to Solve Not Found (404) issue in Search ConsolePlay button
Video Duration
~12 mins

Title: Understanding and Fixing 404 Errors: A Comprehensive Guide


This blog post is a comprehensive guide on understanding and fixing 404 errors, a common issue encountered by 95% of websites. The post is based on a video tutorial that provides a detailed explanation of 404 errors, their impact on websites, and how to fix them. The video also answers common questions related to 404 errors, providing valuable insights for website owners and developers.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the nature and impact of 404 errors
  • Steps to identify and fix 404 errors
  • Best practices for handling 404 errors
  • Common questions related to 404 errors answered

Table of Contents

Understanding 404 Errors

s, also known as "Not Found" errors, occur when a user tries to access a webpage that does not exist. This can happen for various reasons, such as the webpage being deleted or moved without a redirect being put in place. 404 errors can negatively impact a website's user experience and search engine ranking.

Identifying 404 Errors

Identifying s can be done using tools like Google Search Console. These tools can provide a list of URLs that are returning s. It's important to regularly check for 404 errors to ensure that they are fixed promptly.

Fixing 404 Errors

Fixing 404 errors involves either restoring the missing webpage or setting up a redirect to a relevant existing page. If the missing webpage cannot be restored, it's best to redirect users to a page with similar content to provide a good user experience.

Best Practices for Handling 404 Errors

One of the best practices for handling s is to set up a custom 404 page. This page should inform users that the page they are looking for cannot be found, and provide links to other parts of the website. This can help keep users engaged, even when they encounter a 404 error.

Common Questions Related to 404 Errors

The post also answers common questions related to s. For example, it explains why it's not advisable to redirect all s to the homepage, as this can confuse users and search engines. It also clarifies that 404 errors do not directly harm a website's ranking, but can indirectly affect it by impacting user experience.


Understanding and fixing s is crucial for maintaining a high-quality website. By following the guidance provided in this post, website owners and developers can effectively handle 404 errors and provide a better user experience.

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