How to redirect website to another website or domain

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Redirecting Your Website to Another: A Simple Trick

In the digital world, the ability to redirect a website to another can be a game-changer. This blog post is based on a video tutorial that provides a simple yet effective trick to redirect a website to another, specifically a YouTube channel. The video tutorial demonstrates how to redirect a website, VFX, to a YouTube channel, using a simple HTML code. This trick can be beneficial for those who want to direct their website visitors to their YouTube channel or any other URL.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways from this tutorial include understanding the importance of the index.html file in website redirection, learning how to create a new index.html file, and writing a simple HTML code that redirects a website to a specific URL. The tutorial also demonstrates how to upload the new index.html file to the website's root folder using a control panel or FTP software.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Role of index.html

The index.html file plays a crucial role in website redirection. It is the default file that is loaded when someone visits a website. In this tutorial, the existing index.html file of the website VFX is renamed to old index.html to make way for a new index.html file that will contain the redirection code.

Creating a New index.html File

The next step involves creating a new index.html file. This can be done using any text editor. In the tutorial, Notepad++ is used. The new index.html file is saved in the website's root folder on the local computer. The file contains basic HTML tags, including the start and end HTML tags, a head tag with the title of the YouTube channel, and a body tag.

Writing the Redirection Code

The redirection code is written within a script tag inside the body tag. The code is simple: windows.location.replace, followed by the URL of the YouTube channel. This line of code is the magic trick that redirects the website to the specified URL. It can be any URL, not just a YouTube channel.

Uploading the New index.html File

Once the new index.html file is ready, it needs to be uploaded to the website's root folder. This can be done using the website's control panel or FTP software like FileZilla. In the tutorial, the control panel is used. The old index.html file is renamed, and the new one is uploaded in its place.

Testing the Website Redirection

The final step is to test the website redirection. This is done by simply refreshing the website. If the redirection code is written correctly and the new index.html file is uploaded successfully, the website should redirect to the specified URL. In the tutorial, the website VFX successfully redirects to the YouTube channel.


Redirecting a website to another URL can be a powerful tool for digital marketers and website owners. This simple trick demonstrated in the video tutorial can be a game-changer for those who want to direct their website visitors to a specific URL, such as a YouTube channel. With a basic understanding of HTML and a few simple steps, anyone can implement this trick and enhance their digital presence.

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